• Healthcare Made Easy

    What makes Almaty Health insurance platfor so much better? We provide our patients and hospitals with fast and efficient blockchain based healthcare insurance services. Our medical and dental plans are a fraction of the cost while providing increased coverage and 24/7 support for our patrons.

    From The CEO

    "The cost of healthcare has increased dramatically over the past couple decades. In recent years, patients have become afraid to seek treatment during their time of need due to unknown expensive cost. At Almaty Health, we provide patients with the coverage they need so that they don’t ever have to worry about cost."


    - Dr. Nobles, CEO of Almaty Health

  • Our Partners

  • Integrated Healthcare Services & Insurance Model

    Currently, insurance companies are the centralized governance between hospitals and patients. The health insurance companies increase overhead cost and the cost of healthcare services. By allowing hospitals and clinics to be able to get reimbursed and payment distribution without going through 3rd party insurance companies, allows hospitals to shorten their revenue cycle, save cost, and have a more efficient system for healthcare payments and claims processing.

    Risk Prediction & Prevention


    Almaty Health combines patient medical history, demographic data, and past procedure accounts with machine learning in order to assess patients medical risk and take preventative actions for patient health emergencies. Only 5% of patients account for over 30% of healthcare cost where much of these cost are due to preventable emergencies. Preventable emergencies such as heart attacks, diabetic complications, hypertension induced organ failure, and others are very costly to the healthcare system. As a result, healthcare insurance premiums are higher for everyone in order to compensate for the patients who have these healthcare emergencies.

    Our advanced machine learning algorithm allow for us to predict with great accuracy which patients are at high risk and treat them accordingly. Our software provides patients with the ability to track their own healthcare status via mobile device and consult with doctors from anywhere in order to provide patients with the tools they need to manage their health. We will be able to reduce healthcare emergencies by 20% with the Almaty platform

  • Medical Insurance



    Dentralized medical insurance starts with contracting with hospitals systems to provide our health insurance platform with our Advanced Digital Ledger Technology (ADLT) backend.

    Our backend includes; decentralized payment processing system, health claims processing, fund distribution, and tokenization of the medical insurance economy. Almaty Health partners with employers to provide health insurance for part-time and full-time employees. Our insurance functions similar to a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) to give patients the autonomy to see any doctors they prefer without any restrictions. Hospitals and employers can be able to purchase AHT token during the insurance enrollment periods and specify their coverage preferences.

    Amaty Health’s insurance plans allow for individuals with pre-existing conditions to attain insurance benefits without a significant cost difference. We partner with health food companies and gyms to include healthy foods and activities in patients coverage. Statistically, health diet and exercise can prevent up to 60% of chronic diseases that contribute to the increased cost of healthcare for hospitals and patients.

    Dental Insurance

    Traditionally, dental insurance coverage is capped at $1,500 per year worth of coverage for dental procedures. If you go to the dentist and have one damaged tooth that needs a treatment it will easily cost over $2,500 between a root canal and crown. This procedure can exhaust a patients annual benefits and leave a patient with a large out of pocket expense despite having “good coverage”. The average yearly premium cost for a patient is $380 with an average of $600 out of pocket expenses. With Almaty we will provide our patients with an average of $4,000 in dental insurance per year so that patients will be able to get the treatment the deserve.

  • Healthcare Insurance Of The Future

    Almaty Health started as a group of doctors experiencing similar daily problems in healthcare. The issues were patient payment, insurance reimbursements, and the increased cost of healthcare services.


    Historically, doctors and hospitals have known about all of the issues but there hasn’t been a a resource or platform that could make a meaningful difference. As a result, healthcare cost have increased annually by almost 10% and patient outcomes have plateaued.


    Our doctors and engineers got together and created a novel platform for that allows hospitals and doctors to be their own insurance providers. Providing our healthcare institutions with the tools for payment processing, insurance coverage, and a tokenized healthcare service economy has been integral for making healthcare services cheaper and more efficient.


    At Almaty Health, we take care of our patients and healthcare institutions by creating a platform that removes the middlemen and puts patients back at the center of healthcare.